Video Review: AJ Mitchell & Ava Max “Slow Dance”

Inspired by the 1996 film, Romeo + Juliet, Romeo (AJ Mitchell) stands behind a lone neon blue cross in the church.

Juliet (Ava Max) sits with Romeo in the candle church. They stand back-to-back.

In the teal lit ballroom, Romeo passes by guests dressed in costume and holding glasses. Juliet looks for him in the crowd.

She presses him against the wall of the church.

They hold hands as they swim in the pool. He smiles at her.

Rating: 1/5

Romeo reads Juliet’s text message to meet him at the dance again. She said she’d be dressed as an angel. He asks her for an hint. She responds that she may be there or may not be. Romeo stands in the center of the dancefloor and stares at the crowd. He finds her and whispers that he’s loved her for a lifetime. She puts her hands on her arms and tells him that he hasn’t seen anything yet.

Against the wall of the church, she kisses him hard. He responds that they should go someplace private. She shrugs and says God wouldn’t mind. He says everyone is in the next room. She whispers in his ear that no one would even notice. He suggests going to her pool instead.

Juliet tells him it would tick off her dad so much if he knew he was there. Romeo says they need to be quiet. Juliet lets out a loud laugh. She sees the security guard and pushes him underwater. Once he walks away, a gasping Romeo rubs his face. She grins and says they were almost caught. Romeo puts his hands on her shoulders and tells her to be careful. She pouts, saying “what’s the fun in that?” He says he has to go. She tells him he can stay in her room. As he opens his mouth to protest, she puts her finger on his lips and kisses him.

Director: Miles & AJ Year: 2019

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