Video Review: Halsey “Graveyard (Version 2)”

A minitatiare Ferris wheel spins on top of a shelf. A sleepless Halsey sits on her bed in the middle of the night, drawing a young woman (Sydney Sweeney) in her notebook. The young woman materializes on her bed. The young woman stands up and takes Halsey’s hand.

They spin by the Ferris wheel. Halsey takes the young woman’s hand as they stand on  game table. They run and skip on the pavement. They stop to play a handclap game and dance by the Ferris wheel. Halsey sits on the young woman’s lap as they suck on lollipops.

Halsey walks into the aquarium. The young woman stays behind and fades away. She presses her hands against the glass and watches the sharks. She faints into the arms of the young woman.

Halsey swims in the aquarium. She rises to the surface. As she takes a breath, she is wearing white dress, against a white wall. She walks in the white painted amusement park by herself.

She lies lifeless in the aquarium.

She sits on her bed, which is now all-white.

Rating: 5/5

Halsey, dressed in white, accepts her death again. Even after 30 years of reliving the same night, she still hopes it’s a dream. She thinks of the young woman. The young woman must be about 50 by now, at least. Perhaps there’s a wife or husband. However, back in their era, a wife was frowned upon. However, they had continued to care for another.

She was lightheaded and dizzy. The young woman said she’d feel better after taking a rest. She believed it was one of the rides. They had been on the Tilt-A-Whirl for hours. However, she had told her she couldn’t breath and fainted.

In the shadows, she had seen some red and a mass of blue. Their had been muffled voices shouting. It had turned white in a maybe a day or two. She woke up in her room. While walking in the house, she called for her brother and mother. No one answered.

She began to draw them in her notebook and they appeared before her. For another day, she was able to be with them again. She drew the young woman over and over. Each time, they were at the carnival. With each version, she had hoped she could change it. However, it ended the same every morning.

Director: Anton Tammi Year: 2019

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