Video Review: Jodeci “Get On Up”

In black-and-white, a 10-year-old boy stands on the sidewalk. A young woman and her boyfriend stand on their porch. An American flag hangs from the railing. Two eight-year-old girls run in the street. A police officer watches a bus drive down the street.

A young man and woman hold hands as they stand by a tree. A twentysomething woman walks her dog across the street. A shirtless twentysomething man sits on a bench. K-Ci, Devante, JoJo and Mr. Dalvin sing at the bus stop.

They dance on the bus. 16-year-old young woman dance by the bus. The bus parks. Three 10-year-old boys ride their bicycles to the bus. Children run to the bus. Devante takes off his shirt and throws it to the crowd.

The streetlights turn on by the gas station. They continue to dance on the bus. People dance between the gas pumps. A toddler sits on his dad’s shoulder and watches the group perform.

Rating: 4/5

A twentysomething man tells his co-worker that he knew DeVante when they went to high school. He says he knew then his friend was going to be a star. His co-worker asks if they have been in contact. He responds no but he hopes to get a chance to talk to him, though. His friend cringes and says “how?” He explains they are going to hold a local concert in their old neighborhood.

A 16-year-old young woman swoons and says to her friend that K-Ci winked at her. Her friend says that her favorite is JoJo. She says she wonders if JoJo will remember her sister. She says he and her older sister used to go out together. The 16-year-old young woman rolls her eyes and says that she has told her a dozen times already.

A fortysomething man helps Mr. Dalvin as he climbs down the bus. Mr. Dalvin shakes his hand and tells him that he really liked his history back in high school. The fortysomething man says it’s good to see him doing well. Mr. Dalvin waves to JoJo and tells him he has to talk to their favorite history teacher. From on top of the bus, JoJo apologizes for not turning some homework in to him. The fortysomething man calls out that it’s okay. JoJo climbs down and says they should go to dinner with them. They weren’t sure who was going to show up. The fortysomething man says it may as well be a high school reunion. Mr. Dalvin says he can drive in the car with them.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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