Video Review: Katy Perry “Small Talk”

Katy Perry holds her hands underneath her chin as she stands underneath an inflated golden mouth. She puts both hands on the sides of the mouth. She runs her hand down her leg and dances. She covers herself with the teal curtain. She makes the “okay” gesture and bows.

Rating: 2/5

Katy Perry plays within the golden inflatable lips and tells the kids the clown will be there soon. The kids chant “we want the clown!” Her child tugs at her dress and asks about the clown. She tells him he should be here soon.

In the kitchen, she dials the clown on the phone and demands to know why he is here. The clown blames traffic. He says there was an accident on the freeway. She asks for an estimated time. He says maybe another 45 minutes. She hangs up on him.

She turns on the television and says they are going to watch a movie. She asks them what they want to watch. One child suggests a R-rated movie. She responds that she’ll get in trouble with her parents and asks for more requests. Her son wants the new animated movie. She says “honey, it’s only in theaters.” She chooses a movie for them and makes the “okay” gesture.

While the movie is playing, the clown knocks on the door. She tells him to go out there now. She turns off the television and says the clown is here. The children clap. She sighs as she walks to the kitchen and drinks wine from the bottle.

As the party ends, she thanks the children from coming and talks to their parents. One mom says she wants to talk to her. The mom explains that her daughter said that she made a racist gesture. Perry puts her hand to her heart and says she wouldn’t do that. Her mom says that she knows the one she’s means. Perry says she doesn’t know. The mom calls her a racist and says that her daughter won’t be allowed around her son anymore.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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