Video Review: Maroon 5 “Memories”

Adam Levine nods his head while the darkened background lightens to show a close-up of his face. The light rotates from dimming to shining on his face.

The camera begins to pull away. He shakes his head. A thick stripe of hair is shaped in the middle of his head while the sides are shaved. A “family” tattoo lines his collarbone . An open eye tattoo gazes upward on the top left of his chest. He stares down.

Rating: 1/5

Adam Levine unfollows a former friend on social media. Although he continued to like his former friend’s posts, there was no reciprocation. They had been close about 10 years ago. His friend had made it a point to go to one of their shows. His wife asked about the former friend. Each time, he told her he didn’t respond. She had told him it could be busy. He appreciated his wife trying to make him feel better. However, he knew the friendship was over.

He and his former friend had drifted apart within the last few years. His former friend had invited him to multiple parties. However, he had told him he couldn’t go. His baby or wife was sick and he needed to be home. He didn’t realize his former friend would take it personally.

Viewing the updates was hurting him. He was reading it as an outsider to his former friend’s life. Numerous people were tagged for missing the party. Levine wasn’t even mentioned. He wanted a notification or at least a mention. Levine closes his phone and helps his wife with their child.

Director: David Dobkin Year: 2019

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