Video Review: Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill”

Lit in violet, Kate Bush puts her hand on a young man’s neck as he twists. He lifts her up and carries her over his shoulder as she sleeps. He holds her arms as she reaches for the floor inside the house. He leaves her to let her sleep.

He wakes up and holds her as she continues to reach with her arms. She pushes him away and dances by herself. He joins the routine behind her and throws her on the floor. They stand back-to-back as lighting in the clouds above them. They sleep together. She runs off and he chases after her. She trips on the floor. They leave their bodies.

She and the young man run on a navy blue road. They fall again. He spins her around in the house again. As she drops to the floor, he walks away. She stands up and gets trapped within a crowd of young women.

Women with the young man’s face on their heads walk down a tunnel. She climbs over the women and screams as she tries to get through. The young woman wear her face as a mask as they continue walk in the tunnel. Blood red light shines through the tunnel as she and the young man walk together. They each mime shooting an arrow.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kate Bush closes her eyes and turns her head towards the cabinet. She takes a deep breath, pictures herself shaking her husband, and tells him she told him about the party two weeks ago. Her husband says he can’t go. He made other plans and they can’t cancel on his friends. Bush explains to him it’s one of her oldest friends’ engagement party. She can’t just go. She says he just doesn’t care and never has. She takes some tissues and sits on the couch. He lifts her up from the couch and takes her to the bed.

In the morning, she says she’s still upset with him and doesn’t want anything to do with him. He puts his mouth to her ear and says he’ll tell his friends they can’t make it. She relents and kisses him. They make love for the first time in a month.

At her friend’s engagement party, he snarks on the people she knows. She takes him aside and tells him she thought he was okay with it. He says her old friend wasn’t friendly to him and she’s been ignoring them all night. Bush tells him to just go and she’ll find another ride tonight.

While they watch television, he says he wants to work on their marriage. She says she’s willing to go the counseling with him. However, she skips some sessions after he accuses her of cheating on him. They seperate for several months. She sees a couple of men but still thinks of her husband. Her husband asks if he can move back in after they talk their experiences of dating other people.

They celebrate their 10th anniversary with some carryout. Their baby cries and she says she’s going to check on him even though it’s his night. He tells her she’ll do it as he watches television. She cradles their baby in her arms. She promises to stay with his dad for as long as she can. She kisses him on the forehead and tells him goodnight.

Director: David Garfath Year: 1985


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