Video Review: Niall Horan “Nice To Meet Ya”

A young woman opens the door barefoot as she leaves the apartment. She puts on her high heels as she walks away. Niall Horan watches her from the window and comments: “well, she’s not very good at this. She left her phone behind.”

A message on the screen states “24 Hours Earlier.”

Horan walks out of his apartment. While looking across the street, he sees a second young woman, wearing white angel wings attached to a white short sweater, get inside a taxi. Animated hearts form over a sixtysomething woman’s head as she checks him out. He turns and gazes at a third young woman walking on the street with her umbrella.

He puts on his sunglasses as it rains. Opening the door to the Henry Poole store, he talks to a fiftysomething man. The fiftysomething man measures him. A second fiftysomething man brushes off his suit jacket as he walks inside. Horan fixes his sleeves and pats the fiftysomething man on the arm as he leaves.

Through a cloud of teal smoke, several friends join Horan as he walks at night. They walk into the bar. He puts his arm around another friend. The first young woman sits next to him. He shakes her hand and talks with her. A friend of his slides a shot to him. He and his friends make a toast. As he turns to talk her, he sees that she left. On the counter, he sees a napkin with her phone number.

Rating: 5/5

Niall Horan picks up the young woman’s purse at the store.  She was always forgetting things. At their apartment, he usually found bills on top of the television set or shoes in the laundry basket. He texts her and asks her where she is. The last time he saw her, she was looking through a rack of clothes. She responds that a waffle maker caught her eye and she was talking with sales clerk about it. Horan walks to housewares.

She insisted that she didn’t leave her phone behind on purpose. After dating her for a year, he realized she was likely telling him the truth.  He had told her on their first date, that it was all right if it was an excuse to see him again. She had smiled, shook her head and replied, “there’s so much you don’t know.” Horan told he wanted to know all of it.

In bed, she kisses him and tells him to remind her to call the bank tomorrow. He writes it down on the notepad beside the bed and turns off the lamp. She sits up in bed and apologizes for being a flake. He puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her not to think that about herself. He assures her that he doesn’t mind. She rests her head against his and says she loves him. He gives her another kiss and says he loves her, too.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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