Video Review: Thomas Wesley & Jonas Brothers “Lonely”

Thomas Wesley reads a story on the Daily Mail with the headline: “Diplo ruined my secret wedding.” He looks out the window  of the barn and shakes his head.

Joe picks up his phone and reads the text from Wesley: “hey joe…sorry for livestreaming the most important day of you life that u (sic) intended to keep private. hope we can move past this.” Joe stands by the microphones and puts his phone back in his pocket.

Wesley puts on his cowboy hat and gets on his horse.

Joe, Kevin and Nick perform in their home.

While riding his horse, he texts Joe again, asking him if he got the last message. He barbecues from hamburgers on the grill and sits at a picnic table. He boards an airplane and lands. At a fair, he eats a fried corndog. He calls Joe. Joe sits on the couch and ignores the call. Nick reads Wesley’s text that he’s been trying to get hold of Joe and asks if he got a new number. Nick shakes his head. He sends Kevin a text, saying “hey Kevin.” Kevin returns to performing with his brothers.

Joe reads the card from Wesley and looks at the fruit basket. He takes a bite of a strawberry.

Wesley performs at a concert. He stands in front of the mirror as he tries on a jacket.

At the studio, Joe, Kevin and Nick read a text from Wesley, saying “guys, I haven’t heard from y’all in a while.” Wesley shoots t-shirts into the crowd at the rodeo. Joe reads a text from Wesley, saying “I miss my brothers.” Joe walks into the family room. Nick and Kevin stand next to him as he raises his phone to Facetime with Wesley. Wesley slides to answer the call and his cell phone dies.

Rating: 2/5

Thomas Wesley clears the kitchen table and moves the children’s toys into their box. He asks his girlfriend the time. His girlfriend says he has a few hours yet and assures him the Jonas Brothers won’t cancel. He says he wants everything to go well.

Wesley checks the time and looks out the window. About a dozen cars pass through the neighborhood. Wesley puts his hands on his hips and sighs. The doorbell rings. His girlfriend accepts the potato salad from Joe and gives Kevin a hug. Kevin says Nick was running late but he’ll be here in 10 minutes or so. Wesley shakes Joe and Kevin’s hand. He tells them to take a seat on the couch and asks them if they want anything to drink.

As they sit on the couch, Kevin shares photos of his children. Wesley remarks they are growing up so fast. Wesley’s children run into the family room and ask for Nick to play. Wesley tells them to go to the room. Nick says he doesn’t mind and sits on the floor with them.

Joe says it was good to see him again. Wesley gives him a hug and says he really missed their friendship and apologizes for screwing up. Kevin says it’s okay now and they’ll get work on something again soon. Wesley responds that it would love be part of a collaboration. Nick takes him aside and tells him his brothers may have forgiven him but he still needs to earn their trust again. Wesley he won’t release any information until he gets the okay from his manager. Nick shakes his hand and tells him they’ll see each other soon.

Director: Brandon Dermer Year: 2019


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