Video Review: Eternal “So Good”

Louise, Vernie, Easther and Kéllé, wearing white outfits, walk around New York City, New York during the day.

They each perform by themselves against a hunter green background.

Standing against a beige filtered background, they stand together and dance.

Against a white background, they dance and talk.

They snap their fingers as they stand together against a black background.

Lit in electric blue, they continue to perform.

They continue to walk around the city.

Rating: 2/5

Louise laughs as she takes a bite of pizza. Easther points to her chin. Louise pulls off a string of cheese dangling from chin. Vernie says they have to go shopping tomorrow. She saw some stores she wanted to look in while they were driving to the Statue of Liberty. Kéllé comments that the subway freaks her out and she’d rather have blisters from walking. Louise asks for the check and says they need to go soon. The show’s going to start.

While in their hotel room, Vernie says she can’t sleep. Louise gets up and checks the window. She says she closed it. Vernie turns over and puts the pillow over her head. Easther says the noise wasn’t on her bucket list. Louise says it’s a part of living in the city. She says she loves it.

Kéllé listens to the guide as she looks at the skyline during the cruise. Louise takes pictures. Easther sips her wine and stands by the railing. Vernie dances to the music. The guide tells them they’ll be returning to the dock soon. Easther gets one glass of wine at last call.

While on the subway, Louise watches her friends sleep. She and Kéllé had really become close over the past year. Kéllé was the only one who knew she was leaving. Louise had initially cancelled on the trip. However, Kéllé told her it would be the last time they would be all be able to get together. Louise was going to miss hanging out with him. However. it was time for her to move on.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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