Video Review: Cher “Strong Enough”

Alex  pulls the keyboard closer to him and begins to type. He turns on the monitor. On the computer screen, it reads, “hey Alex.”  An outline of a body forms as he creates a screen saver.

A silver streak of lightning strikes at around 10 p.m. Cher singing is projected onto a skyscraper.

Alex glances at the window as the lightning flashes inside the house. He sees Cher spinning on screen and press her hands against the glass.

A group of friends turn their heads from the dining table and watch Cher on television in the hunter green lit family room. Two young women, dressed in black leather, sit on the couch across from each other and watch Cher. A fortysomething man, wearing camouflage and waving a flashlights enters the room and tells his friend he has to see what’s on the television.

A young woman (Shannyn Sossaman) holds the pot of coffee as she opens the door to the family. She places on Alex’s desk.

A young man and second young woman play a video game. They mark Cher’s face with dotted lines. Women and men in lime green wigs play the violins as they sit in front of the television. The young woman stands by the couch and watches her boyfriend at the computer. He walks over to her and she pushes him away. She sits at the computer and disconnects the keyboard. Standing by the computer, she screams as she throws the coffee cup at the screen.

The fortysomething guy presents his jewelry to the television screen and beats up his friend. The two young women drink. The young woman leaves the apartment. He continues to watch the computer. The fortysomething man steals a painting. Alex turns off the computer.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman logs onto the computer and cancels the subscription to AOL. Her brother was in chat rooms at all hours. He hardly went to bed anymore. During dinner, he often talked about conspiracy theories and how women wouldn’t date him. She had brought up to her parents.  However, they were told her it was no big deal. He was using it for homework.

He searches for the disc in the drawer. It was hidden behind a file folder. His sister walks in and tells him she threw out the spare disc. He walks up to her and screams in her face that it’s his property and that she can’t take it away. She throws the coffee at it and says she hopes it damages the computer. She says she doesn’t know what he’s into but she’s going to put a stop to it. He points to his chest and says he has learned from searching the internet.

She schedules an appointment with the school counselor. The school counselor tells her she’s glad she’s taking an interest. She wants to know what she can do for her brother. He’s spouting crazy things and she’s afraid he’s going to harm someone else. The counselor explains the law to her. She asks if there’s a program available. The counselor says he may have to go a treatment center. She puts her hand on her forehead and closes her eyes. The counselor hands her a brochure and she says she’ll look into it. She picks up her book bag and the counselor thanks her for stopping by.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1999

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