Video Review: Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber “10,000 Hours”

A boom mike lowers in the studio. Shay, Justin Bieber and Dan sit on benches, their feet tapping on the pink rose petals strewn on the floor.

In a family room, Dan sits across his wife as a screen above her shows lavender waves on it. Shay’s wife grins as he plays the guitar in their family. Bieber sits on the bed and kisses Hailey Baldwin’s hand.

Dan and his wife stand by the couch and watch as the television plays videos of them together.

In a field, a screen projects memories of Shay and his wife. Baldwin and Bieber kiss in their home. A flower bloom.

Bieber lies on the bed. Baldwin sniffs a flower. Baldwin cuddles with Bieber in bed.

Their wives sit next to them on the benches.

Flowers begin to grow through the carpet in the family rooms of Dan and Shay. The family rooms turn into an indoor garden. Baldwin and Bieber throw flowers at one another. Baldwin balances on Bieber’s legs.

The couples continue sit on the benches.

Rating: 2/5

Dan turns on the television screen and says he has a surprise for his wife. His wife hugs him and asks if it’s a new movie. She giggles as she watches her and her husband, hanging out together about 5 years ago. She exclaims that she had forgotten some of it. He says he found on their computer and was in tears as he watched it. He tells her he loves her.

Shay plays a song for his wife and in the final chorus, says she can go on tour with him. His wife jumps up and down. She says there is so much for here to do. He explains he talked to management and they approved it. She’ll be on the bus with him and they’ll set it up for the baby. She throws her arms around him and says he’s amazing husband.

Justin Bieber says to his wife, Hailey Baldwin, they have proven everyone wrong. She is the best thing to ever happen to him. His marriage to her has given him a third chance to make things right. He wasted other chances with past girlfriends. However, he wants to be the best person for her. He wants everyone to know she’s the reason he hasn’t fallen apart yet. She holds him together. Baldwin kisses him and says she’ll do anything for him.

Director: P Tracy Year: 2019

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