Video Review: Blanco Brown “Tn Whiskey”

Blanco Brown sits at the kitchen table, staring at the floor. On the table, a plate is in pieces and a wine glass is broken in two.

As he looks out the window in the family room, he flicks his lighter. He walks out of his house and takes a drive in his pick-up truck. He walks and dances in a field.

A few weeks earlier in his home, his girlfriend cries as she walks to the sink. He puts his head in his hands as he sits at the table. A pot boils on the stove as she leans on the kitchen sink, wiping away her tears.

She tosses the laundry basket on the grass. As she hangs up clothes, she looks up at the sky. She imagines herself in a field of dandelions wearing a wedding dress. Meat burns on the barbecue near a tree.

Wearing a flannel shirt, she puts her hand on her forehead as she sits by the phone. He opens the door of her home and she kisses him.

They stand by a church as the priest marries them in a private ceremony.

Rating: 2/5

Smoke covers the sheets as the young woman puts the clothespins on the line. The young woman watches the flame reach the tip of the tree. She walks away back inside. On the kitchen table, she sees her engagement ring and reads the inscription. She puts it in her palm and walks to the barbecue. She drops it between the spokes of the grill. It didn’t mean anything.

The phone rings and she rushes to answer it. It may be Blanco Brown. However, it’s a robocall for a local election. She hangs up and leans against the table. Looking out at the window, she sees her neighbor try to put on the flame with one of her sheets. He runs to her door, breathing hard and says he had to do something. She tells him it’s fine.

Brown opens the door and says he was on his way over. One of her neighbors called him about the fire. He asks her if she’s all right. She says she’s so glad he’s here. He explains he was so scared on the phone and gets down on his knee. She says “yes” before he asks.

After their private ceremony, he takes her a hotel. While in bed, he apologizes for returning their tickets for Hawaii. She turns away and looks at her wedding ring around her finger. It was only a few hours and he had disappointed her again.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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