Video Review: Krewella “Enjoy The Ride”

A young woman with snow white hair balances herself on a rock in a forest. Kris, Jahan and Jasmine stand by their makeshift stage. Jasmine walks to the television and watches the new circus act.

A second young woman, known as the Human Torch, sits in her cage with her hands on her knees.

Jasmine asks for more information from the soldiers who live in the forest. They nod.

A flashlight shines on the second young woman as she views the skyline of the city at night. A fortysomething man, wearing an eyepatch, tosses a plate of gruel into her cage. She bends down to the bowl and looks at a 10-year-old, wearing a plastic mask over his part of his face. She waves to him. He waves back and looks down.

During the circus, the ringmaster introduces the Human Torch. The 10-year-old boy takes off his mask and watches her perform. A soldier from the forest sneaks up behind the fortysomething man and knocks his can out of his hand. The second soldier unlocks the collar around the 10-year-old’s neck and gives him the keys. As she sleeps, he opens her cage and urges for her to “come on.” They run and pause once they see the soldier.

The soldier takes them to the forest. The people peek over the trees and peer at the second young woman and the 10-year-old boy. At nightfall, Kris, Jahan and Jasmine perform. The young woman smiles as she gazes at the numerous television screens.

Tears run down the young woman’s face while she sleeps in her face.

Rating: 5/5

The bars were getting thinner with each passing day. Within the days, the young woman had been able to experience some life. The fairies in the forest had given her a reprieve. They told her they were only able to give her one night. She took Jahan aside and asked her if she could stay. Jahan told her she wanted to but it would threaten their safety also. She promised they might be able to someday.

She estimated they were at least two states away from the fairies. The call had to be out there, too. Someone from another faction had to have heard. The 10-year-old had told her the fairies weren’t going to save them. However, several months later, she had lost hope.They were watched by the guards every hour upon the hour. Double locks had been added to everyone’s cages.

Her arms were singed. The skin was damaged. The doctors had advised the manager that any further performances could kill her. The manager had grabbed her arm and said she was still breathing. She was getting tired. During a performance, she collapsed. Through clenched teeth, the ringmaster had told her to get up. As she closed her eyes, she thought of the best day of her life in the forest.

Director: K Tanch Year: 2014

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