Video Review: Tyga, YG & Blueface “Bop”

Young women carry their drinks as they walk into The Bop bar. They dance and shake their butts by Tyga, YG and Blueface.

In the suite, Blueface sits in a bubble bath with three young women next to him. They dangle their legs in the water as they sip their drinks.

Blueface walks down the hallway as the young women dance by the rooms.

A priest (Tyga) officiates Tyga’s wedding to one of the young women in the chapel. The groomsmen blow kisses at the bridesmaids. His mother-in-law puts her hand on heart while his father-in-law talks with her. An eight-year-old boy gasps. Tyga walks out of the ceremony. His bride throws the bouquet at him.

Tyga walks down the hallway.

YG waves his money at the strip club. A young woman does the splits as she performs.

YG walks down the hallway.

YG sits on the couch, his money fanned out in his hand.

YG, Tyga and Blueface continue to hang out at The Bop.

Rating: 1.5/5

The wedding was off. Tyga walked into The Bop within the hotel and ordered himself a drink. He was a free man. Blueface pays YG some money. Tyga asks him,”who lost the bet?” Blueface tells him he thought he would go through with it. His fiancee seemed to be on board with an open relationship. Tyga shrugs and says, “it is what it is.”

Tyga continues to talk with the young women and tells him he’s single. He runs into one of the bridesmaids who tells him she would’ve stayed. Tyga grins and tells her to convince him. She says she has a hotel suite. Tyga takes down her number and says he’ll get back to her.

YG shows the young women dancing his money. They crawl to him as he teases it. He watches as two young women shake their heads and move to another table. None of the women were deserving of his hard-earned money. They had to be willing to touch him and break a few rules. One young women places her hand on his thigh. He whispers to her “not good enough.” She takes his hand and leads him to the private room. In the private room, she slides down to his knees. He hands her $500. She asks for a thousand or there won’t be anything else. He gives her the thousand.

One young women scrubs Blueface’s back in the bathtub. He gestures for her to join him. The two other women sigh and grumble. He instructs the other women to behave or they’ll be replaced by the dozens waiting outside the door. He says they have the option to leave anytime they want. The two women stay still. Blueface nods and apologizes to the young woman in the bath. He asks her to get underneath his arm.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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