Video Review: Diana King “Shy Guy (Version 1)”

In black-and-white, a record spins on the turntable. Two young men, wearing suits and ties, run in the street in New York City, New York. One of the young men smiles. Diana King runs on the train tracks.

She performs against a snowy mountain backdrop between two buildings. The men stand next to her and put their heads on her shoulders. The men dance behind her as the backdrop changes to the skyline.

In the tunnel, she performs against a backdrop of a boat on the dock.

She sits on a sheet in the street. The two young me dance on the flatbed of a truck.

Against a forest backdrop, she rests her head on the back of the chair. Three young men chase a truck with skyline painted on it.

As she stands on a platform, she lifts up the barn backdrop. She runs with the men down the street.

At the movie theater, she stands against a plain sheet. One of the young men winks.

She continues to rest her head on the chair.

Rating: 3/5

Diana King orders another drink during happy hour as a young man talks to her. He points to the curb and says he could call his driver right now and they could go somewhere private. She tells she wants to stay here and finish her drink. He sits closer to her and says they can go later then. She turns around and sees a second young man sit with his friends and catch the ketchup bottle. The young man taps her on the shoulder. She tells him she’s not interested.

Her co-workers walk in and she says she’s glad they are there. She asks her co-worker if the guy sitting at the table with the ketchup table works in their building. She remarks that he looks familiar. Her co-worker responds that he may work for the marketing firm and suggests that she ask him. King stops by the table and asks the second young man for the salt. She mentions that she might’ve seen somewhere and asks him about the building. He looks down and mumbles “yes.” She continues that they ran into each other one day in the elevator. She says he should stop by to see her whenever he’s in the cafeteria. The second young man answers, “yes.”

King returns back to her co-workers and says she couldn’t get much out of him and tells them about her conversation. One of her co-workers says he’s kind of weird and awkward. King responds that’s what she likes about him. He isn’t the arrogant, flashy types that cling to them. A second co-worker giggles and says she probably intimidated him. King says she’s going to look for him tomorrow.

Director: Marcus Nispel Year: 1995

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