Video Review: Jax Jones, Mabel & Rich The Kid “Ring Ring”

During a commercial, Mabel holds the telephone up to her ear as the a woman says “our girls are waiting to hear from you. Pick up the phone and call now to make all your dreams come true. Call a fantasy girl in your area. 0-800-RING. For adults only.”

At the office, one young woman hangs up the phone at her desk and brushes her hair. A second young woman smiles as Jax Jones hands her a piece of mail. Mabel talks with a customer. A third young woman reads the script on her desk as she talks.

Two women sit in the lobby, crossing and uncrossing their legs.

Mabel dances in a narrow tunnel of thin lights. Jones dances by himself and joins her.

Wearing a silver dress, she and several women dance in a room with an oversized phone in the corner. Jones and Mabel dances in the room by themselves. Jones read a magazine on the couch as the Mabel and the women dance.

A second young woman, wearing a red dress, talks on the phone as she films her commercial. Mabel plays with her lipstick as she films.

In the office, people holds up cell phones to her as she stands.

She lies on a pile of cell phones.

Lit in cornflower blue, several of the dancers take turn dancing by the oversized phone in the corner.

Mabel and Jones high-five one another in the narrow tunnel.

Rating: 4.5/5

Mabel trains a new hire during her shift. She explains the script must be followed to the letter and gets out one of her call quality sheet as an example. She answers another call. It’s her 40th of the day. The guy was asking for something outside of their services. She says she can only talk to him on the phone. He shouts that he wants her full name and her manager’s name. She gives the information and suggests a fantasy. He says he wants to schedule an in-person meeting, not a fantasy and wants to speak to a supervisor. She places the caller on hold and fills her supervisor in on the conversation. Her supervisor mutters “what a creep” and tells her to transfer the call. The new hire asks if that happens a lot. She says sometimes but she’s used to it.

Mabel places herself on lunch and says it was nice to meet her. The new hire takes her chair and says she hopes she can sit with her again. Mabel eats her sandwich and scrolls through the apps on her phone. At her desk, she takes a drink of water. Her voice was getting hoarse and the men were started to complain. She finishes some notes in the system and waits for another call.

Two minutes before the end of her shift, she receives another call and groans. She emails her supervisor to let her know that she’s still on a call. She runs through the script. The man demands her to “get into it.” She puts her head in her hands and hopes the call won’t get pulled. She speaks with a baby voice. Fifteen minutes later, the man says “that’s it.” She tells him to have a good day and hangs up her phone. She signs out and grabs her keys. She thought she wasn’t ever going to get out work.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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