Video Review: Sheena Easton “Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)”

In black-and-white, Frankenstein breaks a doll in his hands as he walks down the hallway of a home. Sheena Easton sits in her chair in the family room. A scaly hand plays the piano. Frankenstein knocks down the door into the family room. He grabs the phone on the table.

A bat flies towards the moon. Dracula reaches for her as she sits at her vanity. She stands up and pokes her finger into his chest. As she turns around, he tries to bite her neck. She pushes him over the balcony.

Two men dig a grave in the cemetery. Easton leans against her canopy bed. She puts on a robe and walks through the cemetery. The gravediggers sneak off.  She stands by a tree and walks. The demons run away while King Kong lifts her up with his paw.

Rating: 5/5

Sheena Easton looks for her weapons chest. Living on a graveyard had summoned the demons to her home. Each day, she fought for her life. Dracula almost bit her. He was growing less afraid of her threats. She glances around and finds her bow. She tucks it it her robe and tiptoes down the hallway. Frankenstein jumps out at her and she pierces him with an arrow.

Frankenstein lies on the floor, his mouth open. He’ll get up again, though. She has killed him at least 10 times before. Something in the graveyard revived them. There was little history on the home to find out what it may be. She had mentioned it to a few people but they had given her strange looks.

The trees shake. A man, changing into a werewolf yelps and runs. Dracula cowers. Easton waits. She wasn’t going to be afraid anymore. If it was the last monster, so be it. She aims her bow to the sky. King Kong bends down and picks her up. He holds her in his paw and swoons at her. She snuggles in the pad of his paw and falls asleep. Wherever he takes her, it’ll be far from the evil she experienced.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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