Video Review: Lauv & Anne-Marie “F****, I’m Lonely.”

In a building, a 10-year-old girl plays a handclap game by herself. Lauv sits on his bed. He gets up to walk to the washing machine. In another room, a young man opens the refrigerator.

As a neon light flashes, Lauv dances by the washing machine. He sits on it.

A thirtysomething mother irons her clothes as her child runs around her.

Anne-Marie dances in her lavender lit room. She picks up the lamp on the floor and moves it a little. Lauv looks into his aquarium. He turns off the lamp. Anne-Marie jumps on the bed.

Anne-Marie turns her cart to the produce aisle. She picks up an onion and tosses it in her cart. Lauv looks at bag of snacks and puts it in his cart. Anne-Marie and Lauv bump their carts. Lauv dances by the vegetables. Anne-Marie sits on the handle of her cart down the frozen food aisle.

The thirtysomething mother picks up her child.

Anne-Marie stands in the elevator and looks at her phone. Lauv grins as he walks inside. The elevator door closes.

Rating: 2/5

Lauv talks to his fish. He tells them he had a tiring day at work and vents about his co-workers. Finding a pen and pad in the drawer, he creates the grocery list and tells the fish he’ll buy them food. He sits on his bed and dances around. Looking at the time, he sees it’s only 7 p.m. He says goodbye to his fish and grabs his keys.

Anne-Marie moves the lamp. She usually bumps into it whenever she walks into her room. She wanders around in her room. There wasn’t anything on television. She opens her refrigerator and realizes she doesn’t have much for breakfast for tomorrow. She gets her purse and walks to her car.

At the grocery, she dances to the music playing throughout the grocery store. She hadn’t heard the song since she was a kid. Lauv spots her dancing and smiles. She rams her cart into Lauv’s and apologizes. He says it’s okay and that he wasn’t paying attention. He adds that he was listening to the song. Anne-Marie says she likes it, too. She had it on her phone at some point but she deleted it. Lauv says he was too cool for it at the time. However, he can’t find it anywhere now. He introduces himself. She shakes his head and tells him her name. He says he’s finished. She says she has to pick up a few more things. He says he’ll walk with her. They talk about their favorite shows as he helps her pick some soup.

As they wait in line, they exchange phone numbers. Anne-Marie says it was nice to talk to him. Lauv says he had fun. Anne-Marie unpacks her groceries and watches a movie. Lauv listens to some music before he goes to bed. He finds Anne-Marie on her social media and adds her. He sends her a “hello.” Anne-Marie checks her phone and reads the message. She writes back “hello” and gets ready to bed. Lauv reads her response as he lies in bed and falls asleep with his phone in his hands.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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