Video Review: M People “Moving On Up”

Heather Small walks into the club and talks with a friend at the bar. A young man touches the back of his girlfriend as they walk into the bar. The host, holding up a menu, asks them where they’d like to sit.

Small spots the couple as they walk to a table. A second young woman waves. Small walks around the bar. The young woman hugs a friend. The young man kisses a third young woman on the cheek. As people dance, the young woman argues with the young man. A second young man apologizes. The second young woman pulls him onto the dancefloor. The young woman watches them with her hands on her hips.

Two twentysomething male twins point. The young woman asks him “what?’ on the dancefloor. The bartender carries a tray of drinks.

Small performs on stage of the club. The young man continues to dance with the second young woman. One of the twentysomething twins pets a black cat walking on the counter. A lizard crawls on a telephone. A thirtysomething man picks up the phone and puts a magnifying glass over his eye.

The young woman throws a glass of water in the young man’s face. She pours another glass over his head. The people continue to dance in the club.

Rating: 3/5

Heather Small chats with the bartender and he gives her a free drink. He cleans a glass and says he sees the regular. Small remarks that the twentysomething male twins brought their cat. The bartender says the cat seems like it’s tracking everyone in the room and preparing to attack. Small responds the cat’s learning to be evil from them. The bartender shudders and says they weird him out. They stand around the entire time and maybe have one drink.

The thirtysomething puts the magnifying glass over his eye and exclaims to Small that she even more beautiful than last weekend. She tells him “thank you” and points to the young couple arguing in the corner. The thirtysomething man says the young woman doesn’t trust him at all. The bartender says he wouldn’t, either. He’s a good-looking guy. A young woman, wearing bunny ears on her head, says hello and comments that she has tried to hard to get the young man. However, he truly loves his girlfriend. The thirtysomething man comments that he’s wasting his time. The young woman, wearing bunny ears, pouts as he dances with someone else.

The young man says it was nice to hang out with her but he has a girlfriend. The second young woman shrugs and says “it’s just a little dance.” He says she doesn’t understand. His girlfriend will be really upset. She says he needs to have some fun. The young woman demands to know everything. The second young woman puts her arm around him and says he has found someone else. The young man cringes.

The thirtysomething man urges the young man to be strong. Small puts her head in her hands and says she can’t watch any longer. The bartender eats a peanut and recaps it for her. Small looks up and claps as the young man talks with the second young woman. Small asks the bartender to send two drinks to them and tell them she’s proud.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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