Video Review: Prince & The Revolution “Kiss”

In silhouette, Prince raises his arms as he stands on the stage. He dances by the glass and moves towards to Wendy, who plays the guitar as she sits on a stool.

Lit in electric blue, he stands next to Wendy as the glass door opens. A young woman (Monique Mannen) dances on a platform.

A shirtless Prince puts his hand on the young woman’s face and kisses her neck by her window. The young woman leaves him.

The young woman, wearing sunglasses, places on her hands against a royal blue sheet. Prince, against the royal blue background, gives the side-eye. Prince shakes his butt and dances with the young woman. He slides on the floor and kisses her stomach.

Prince and the young woman continue to dance behind the glass doors. The young woman lies on a platform as he dances. He hugs her and takes off her veil.

Prince dances by the window. The young woman puts her arms around his chest and kisses him.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman wouldn’t tell Prince her name. He didn’t care, though. He told her he’d give her a new one. It’ll be between them. He asked her to take off her veil. She said she couldn’t. She was a homely person and he wouldn’t be interested any longer. Prince assured her it wasn’t an issue.

He was going to see her face. She was underestimating herself. Her voice was like crystal, calling to him. He follows her and kisses her at unexpected moments. He waits for her to tell him to stop or leave her alone. However, she turns her head away.

While dancing with her, he is able to get the veil loose from her clothes. She clings closer to him. He breathes on her neck and holds onto her waist. He hopes for her to turn towards him. She breaks free and leaves again.

He dances by the window to release the pressure gnawing inside him. She approaches him and puts her hands on him. He leans into her and tells her she can do whatever she wants.

Director: Rebecca Blake Year: 1986

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