Video Review: Lewis Capaldi “Bruises”

Lewis Capaldi stands in the yard while snow sprinkles on the ground. He walks past two pianos standing against the fence.

A young man and woman face another in the yard.

In black-and-white, they kiss inside their home. She pushes him as they stand in the yard.

Several men arrive on horseback. People gather by the fence.

As the sun sets, he sits on the piano bench. A young man throws a bottle bomb at the piano, setting it on fire. Capaldi watches as it burns.

In black-and-white, the young man and woman cuddle in their bed. The young man bangs his hand against the fence.

Behind the fence, the people shout. A second young man climbs on it and falls to the ground. People break through and run past them.

The young woman touches the young man’s face as they stand alone.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman discards her beige uniform and asks for a white uniform from a member of the staff. The staff member hands her some paperwork. The young woman puts on another beige uniform and fills out the forms. She indicates her reason for changing was that she believes the young man has changed. There was light in his eyes again. The staff member takes the clipboard and says it’ll be put in to be processed.

A second young man tells her she’s brave. His ex-boyfriend is still on the other side and continues to ignore him. He isn’t sure what to do. She says they only way out of here is if they try. The second young man says he wants to escape. She whispers to him to quit talking like that. The staff members won’t allow him to go outside anymore.

She sits at the bench and plays the out of tune piano. The young man stands behind her and says nothing. She starts to play their song. He sits near the piano. She smiles at him. He puts his hand on her arm.

People scream and chase each other. A third young woman shouts that they are delusional. She stands up and returns to the other side of the fence.

Perhaps in another few weeks, they will be free. It depends on his response to the paperwork. The staff has to read over everything and evaluate it in a meeting. If it passes the meeting, they will talk with a therapist. During her stay, only two people were able to leave. She hopes to be one of them soon.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2019

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