Video Review: Sugababes “In The Middle”

Keisha, wearing a white bra top and silver shorts, dances against an azure background.

Heidi, wearing a suit jacket with a bra underneath and dress pants, dances in a hot pink room.

Mutya, wearing an olive green dress, dances in her room.

Keisha, Heidi and Mutya, rotate in the center of the silver background. Sheets of silver light move between them.

Mutya walks in the center of the silver lights. She creates black smoke with her fingers. Keisha takes her turn and then Heidi. They each dance in their individual rooms during their turn.

Heidi kicks over the chair in her room as she dances.

They continue to dance in the center.

Rating: 2/5

Mutya reads a textbook as she sits on her bed. She takes some notes and writes them on index cards. She sits cross-legged and casts a spell. The words from the textbook enter her head. It infuses her with energy and she dances against the pole in her room.

Keisha performs a dance routine. She blows kisses to the cheering audience and tells them she’ll see them again soon. She walks backstage and towels off her face. The stylists help her change out of her bra top and silver shorts. Her manager proclaims her a new star.

Heidi meets with management and says she wants to learn something new. Management signs up her for dance classes. She says she’s willing to go to the classes but know about the business aspect also. Management says they’ll see if they can set her up with a producer. While in the studio, she talks with the producer and asks him questions about the control panel. He leans in to kiss her and she tells him to back off. The producer tells her it’s the end of any internship she’ll have in the industry. She walks out and says she doesn’t need him.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 2004

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