Video Review: DJ Khaled, Meek Mill & Lil Baby “Weather The Storm”

In black-and-white, Meek Mill walks between the choir inside a church. Doves fly in the trees. Meek Mill points his fingers to his head. In the glass, Mary holds a baby Jesus. DJ Khaled makes the phone gesture with his fingers. Lil Baby walks in the middle of the choir. Lil Baby stands with DJ Khaled. Lil Baby kneels down and prays. DJ Khaled lifts up his arms and looks up. Lil Baby waves his arms.

Rating: 3.5/5

Meek Mill vents his frustrations after the hymn. He wants to know why he should believe anymore. There is so much evil in the world and nothing being done to stop it. He wants the purpose of prayer. DJ Khaled puts his hand on his shoulder and tells him God’s listening.

Lil Baby kneels down in prayer. He cries as he says the words. He thanks God for all that has been given to him. The choir sings and he starts to say the words in a whisper. The soloist walks up to him and sings to him. He stands up and sings along through his tears.

DJ Khaled reads from the Bible. The priest gives him a nod and he returns to the pew. He bows to the choir and dances with them as they sing. He calls out to the churchgoers to raise their hands and to praise Him. The priest asks him to join him for the sermon. During the sermon, he interjects with a story about the scripture. He explains that he prays everyday. The priest shakes his hand and tells him “peace to be with you.” DJ Khaled shakes his hand. Lil Baby hugs him and Meek Mill waves to him as he continues to look at the altar.

Directors: Eif Rivera & DJ Khaled Year: 2019

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