Video Review: Sam Feldt, Yves V & ROZES “One Day”

At 6 am., the clock switches the date and day to the first Saturday of the month. A young woman sits up in her bed in her backyard.

She dances with a statue in her backyard. She sits at a table and sips from her drink. She takes a bite from an apple.

Waking up inside her home, she sees two statutes standing by her bed. A third statue jumps on a trampoline in the corner.

In the backyard, the statutes stand on platforms. She closes her eyes. One statue, standing on a platform, lifts up his head. A second statue dances and moves between the tree limbs. She looks over and notices the statues in different places and smiles.

She stares the statues in the eyes. Lying on the grass, she puts flowers over her eyes. She touches the nose of one of the statues. Waking up on the 2nd for the fourth time, she jumps on the bed. A tear runs down her face. One of the statues lifts her up from bed. She rubs clay on her face. Two statues help her onto the platform. In a cloud of smoke, she turns into a statue.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman talked with the statues. She asks them for advice and inspects them as she walks past their platforms. She drinks her pink lemonade in the morning and thinks of what she needs to do for the day. However, she basks in the sun and rests her feet on the second chair.

Setting her keys on the table, she places the groceries on the table. She thinks of having steak tonight. It’s the fifth time she’s lived the first Saturday of the month. Something’s going happen. If it’s her final night, she wants to spend it well. It may stop the waiting. The waiting for change, her life to start. With each day being the same, she’s realized there are things she wants to do. Before she goes to bed, she buys plane tickets to New York.

In the morning, she wakes up and sees the same date. She heads to the museum. She hasn’t been there in ages. Back at home, she works on a painting. It’s something she hopes to hang up in a gallery someday. The next morning, the statue awakens her and gives her clay. She rubs it all over body. As she stands on the platform, her mind goes blank.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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