Video Review: Cher Lloyd “With Ur Love (US Version)”

A book opens to a page of the Hollywood Castle in Los Angeles, California. Cher Lloyd sits on a throne.

In the pouring rain, four young men arrive at the castle.

Wearing a white dress, she sits on the windowsill and watches the snow.

She walks down the hallway, wearing an embellished dress and a head ornament.

Her friends open the door.  From the top of the staircase, she grins as she watches the young man walk inside.

As she sits at the head of the table, she gestures for everyone to take their seats. Her eyes turn violet as she raises her goblet to her lips. A black snake crawls across the table as they eat. She nods to her friends and they put on their lacy masquerade masks over their eyes.

Her friends pull the young men aside and take some pieces of their souls. They put in a bottle.

Lloyd holds the bottle over the cauldron and pours it in as her friends watch the potion boil. They blow on the cauldron as the the souls of the young men swarm a mannequin. Lloyd tastes of it and turns the pages of a spell book. She waves a feather and the mannequin becomes a man.

Rating: 5/5

Cher Lloyd closes her eyes and says the words of the spell. Her friends sprinkle sage on the floor as they walk in a circle. A bolt of thunder shoots across the sky and she opens her eyes. Lloyd tells her friends know they wait. One of her friends leafs through one of the spell books. Lloyd stares at her and knocks it over her hands. She instructs her friend they still have work to do.

Lloyd could do whatever she wanted. Her parents had tried to reign her witchcraft with a binding spell. They believed she was exploring dark magic and was going to become a monster. She sent them into another dimension. She announced herself as Queen to her scared subjects and proclaimed it was a holiday. She stated to them that they were finally free.

She kicks up her heels and declares she was bored. Her friends suggest shopping or going on a trip. She says she needs a man and points her finger to the spell book. As she reads over the materials, she sends her friends out to fetch them. One of her friends ask if they’ll get boyfriends, too. She says it’s only for her and shoos her away.

The young man proclaims that she’s beautiful. She blushes and takes his hand. He asks where he is. She says he’s home and leads him to the couch. She snaps her finger for her friends to bring them some dessert.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2013

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