Video Review: Lizzo “Water Me”

Lizzo sleeps at the kitchen table, her finger on her temple. A pot boils on the stove. She walks into the kitchen and waves her hand over the pot. A young woman bathes her 1-year-old boy in a tub on the counter.

A young man’s hair drips with sweat as he pauses during his run.

Lizzo smiles as she looks at herself in the mirror. She dances.

A second young woman washes her hair in the bathtub. A 12-year-old boy runs through a sprinkler and sits on the lawn. He plays with the sprinkler.

Lizzo dances on a platform on the staircase. A third young woman dances on the platform the staircase.

A plate of food is placed on the table. Lizzo stands with the young mother, her son, the 12-year-old boy, the young man, the dancing young woman and the young woman who washed her hair.

Rating: 5/5

Lizzo waves hello to her 1-year-old nephew. Her sister apologizes for the mess as the 1-year-old splashes and promises to clean it up. Lizzo stirs the pot and says she’ll do it after dinner. Her sister asks her who else is coming over. She says she invited her neighbors over.

The doorbell rings. Her sister says she’ll get it. Lizzo tells her she is to do nothing and opens the door. She lets the young man inside. The young man says the 12-year-old is playing with her sprinkler. She say she knows and that’s it all right. Lizzo gestures to the couch and says he can watch television. He asks if he can he use her shower. She points the upstairs and tells him to take his time.

The 12-year-old comes running inside and Lizzo hands him a towel. He dries himself and says he’ll change in the bathroom. Back in the kitchen, her sister holds her 1-year-old boy and says they are going in the family room. The third young woman opens the door and exclaims that it’s time to party.

Lizzo puts some spices in the pot and grins. Her sister was raising her son by herself. The young man was from out of state and had no family in the area. The 12-year-old’s parents worked late shifts. The third young woman was her best friend. Her best friend didn’t get along with her family and joked that she adopted the neighbors.

The young man runs down the stairs and into the kitchen and asks if he can help with anything. Lizzo points to the bowl and says he can bring the salad. Lizzo announces that it’s time to eat. Her sister turns off the television. Her best friend lets the 12-year-old go ahead of her and talks with him about school.

Directors: Quinn Wilson, Asha Efia & Andy Madeleine Year: 2017

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