Video Review: French Montana, Post Malone, Cardi B & Rvssian “Writing On The Wall”

A few 10-year-old boys ride their bicycles in a village. French Montana man scrolls through his phone and bends down. He pops up and gets flown into the air.

As a giant, he lands in the city. People stare at him while he sits down on the road. He pulls out a skyscraper and sits by the bridge.

While the sun sets, he rides his motorcycle. Post Malone rides alongside him.

Malone, as a giant, sits against one of the skyscrapers. He looks into the windows of the skyscraper. People walk by him as he lies on the ground.

Cardi B touches her breasts in a sparkling room. Malone and Montana dance in the room with her. Cardi B and Montana sit on a house in the city. She checks her reflection in the windows of the skyscraper. She speeds while she drives on the bridge. She kicks a helicopter with her heel and steps into a stadium.

They continue to dance in the sparkling room.

Rating: 2/5

French Montana picks up a person in the palm of his hand. The person screams as he touches its face. He sets the person down on the street and pulls a skyscraper from its foundation. People scatter from the city. He puts the skyscraper back and moves away from the ambulances. It hits him the people are real and it’s not some imaginary version of a city. He crouches down and raises his hands in the air. Patting his pocket, his finds his phone. It falls from his hands and lands on a truck. He looks down. The phone was his only solution.

Post Malone, as a giant, texts on his phone. He waves to the people and helps them pass over his legs. A helicopter lands on his head and he remains still. He asks the people’s help to the forest. They lead him out of the city. A line of people send him food and water. Malone lifts up his head as the tanks arrive. The people protest and call for him to be saved.

Cardi B dances around the city. As she looks into the office buildings, she views people standing against the wall, holding hands with one another. She fluffs her hair and turns to the next building. She swats away helicopters and smashes tanks with her feet. A large net covers her head. She tries to get it off and shakes away the ropes. She falls over the stadium and lets out a scream.

Directors: Myles Whittingham & French Montana Year: 2019

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