Video Review: Nina Gordon “Tonight and the Rest of My Life”

At night, Nina Gordon lies down by the lake.

She swims in the lake.

Lit in lavender, a young woman stands in silhouette.

She stands against a royal blue swirled background.

She runs her hand over the water as she sits up on the sand.

Wearing a white dress, she rises up.

The clouds roll by the lake.

Rating: 2.5/5

The overwhelming sadness had consumed Nina Gordon. She had kept it quiet while she suffered. She had hoped it would go away on its own. In her dreams, she saw a silhouette of herself from 10 years ago. It was an aspiration. She wanted to be that version of herself again.

However, she realized, that version of herself was messy and confused. Whenever the version of herself appears, she wants to talk to her. But the silhouette never speaks or moves. She let go of that person and started over. It was freeing and she saw the world with fresh eyes.

She’s okay again. In her home, she hangs up motivational sayings and mediates. Her husband tells her how much better she’s doing. She says she feels like a brand new person. He gives her a kiss and tells her he’ll see her after work. On her computer, she signs up for some cooking classes and signs up for a book club. She can’t remember the last time she read anything. It would be great to talk to people again.

Director: Kate Garner Year: 2000

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