Video Review: Alessia Cara “October”

Alessia Cara and her two friends make silly faces in a video. She puts her hand on the back of her boyfriend as they walk down the hallway of the venue. She films with her camera in the bathroom. On the road, a duck and her ducklings cross the street.

Cara plays guitar in the dressing room. She and one of her friends dance in her family room. Her boyfriend plays guitar on the sand. She plays drums as one of her friends sings on the couch in the dressing room. A mariachi band plays in the venue.

In black-and-white, she practices choreography with the choreographer.

Back in color, she pops open a bottle of champagne. A butterfly lands on her nose while in the park. She falls off a mechanical bull at a bar. She puts make up on one of her friend’s faces. Fans form their hands into hearts as she performs on stage. Cara jumps on bed while on stage. Wearing an aqua wig, she sings into her phone. She hugs a family member backstage. She and her band hug before the concert. She talks to the audience while on stage.

Rating: 3/5

Alessia Cara puts some of her fries on her boyfriend’s plate. He says he can’t eat anymore. Her best friend laughs and says he’ll be able to handle it. Cara puts her leftovers in a container and asks for the check. Her best friend says that in a month, she’ll be able to sleep in her own bed again. Cara nods and says the time went by too fast. Her boyfriend assures her she’ll be back to work again.

It may be her last tour. In each city, she plans an itinerary of what she hasn’t seen yet. Her manager has told her to slow down. However, she can’t. She isn’t sure of when she be will able to travel again. Once the tour is over, she’ll have a meeting with the record label. She’s been looking at job boards and keeping track of her finances.

Her boyfriend holds her hand as they lie on the blanket on the sand.  Although she loves him, she knows she won’t see him again after the tour. He has made plans to visit her. However, they haven’t discussed much past the tour. She may see him at parties once in a while. He asked her if she wants to join him for a few weeks on another tour. She told him she can’t. She’s behind on her work and needs to have something complete at least by the second week of October. He sighs and says they’ll figure something out. She lies next to him on the sand and rests her head on his chest.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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