Video Review: David Archuleta “Crush”

David Archuleta plays the piano on the pier in the afternoon.

He and his friends drive to the lake in two cars. They park by the trees A young woman (Hagood Coxe) smiles as him as she closes the car door. His friends jump into the lake. From the pier, he watches her talk with a young man as she floats in a tube. The young man splashes her and she laughs. He helps her onto the pier. They stare at one another.

He leans against the porch railing of the cabin. He and his friends take a group photo on the porch. The young woman and her friends sit on a blanket and read a magazine.

His friends clap and listen while he plays the guitar on the couch. She sits next to him on the couch. A second friend writes on Post-It notes. She places “Brad Pitt” on his forehead. They both look at their Post-Its and laugh.

She sits next to him as they sit outside. Some of their friends dance.

She walks onto the porch and talks with him.

Rating: 4.5/5

David Archuleta blushes as the young woman brushes a leaf from his shoulder. He blurts out that she’s pretty. She pushes back a strand of her hair and thanks him. She stares at the pavement while he looks at the lake. They both start talking again 30 seconds later. He apologizes and tells her to talk. She asks him if he wants to take a walk, He slides off the porch railing and replies “sure.”

On their walk, he explains that he’s liked her ever since freshman year. He says he was surprised when she wanted to be his friend. However, he didn’t expect much more than that. She says she was only into dating junior guys and shakes his head. She sits on the grass and rubs her thumbnails together. He says she doesn’t have to talk about it. She says he’s a good guy and puts her hand on his.

They hold hands as they walk back to the cabin. She says she’d like to camp outside and look at the stars with him. He says they can do that. She kisses him on the cheek and waves to her friends. He squeezes her hand and tells her he’s really happy they had a chance to talk. She smiles at him and says she’s been waiting for him to notice her.

Director: Declan Whitebloom Year: 2008

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