Video Review: Scorpions “Rock You Like A Hurricane”

People press on a fence. A young woman, with maroon makeup over her eyes, smacks her hand on the ground. A black cat licks its lips. A tiger climbs up the stairs. A group of three men, wearing plastic masks over their face, chant over a cauldron.

Klaus, Matthias, Rudolf, Francis and Herman perform, surrounded by the fence.

Klaus rises inside a clear pod. A second young woman, wearing a lime green mask, finds Klaus and pushes him away. The men disperse at the cauldron as he walks by them. He runs within the circle as people push the fence.

The young woman walks in a cave. The men, attached to the walls with spikes, watch with their mouths propped open. Several other women follow her.

Sparks fly on the fence while they perform. One woman bends the fence and reaches out to them with her hand.

Klaus walks in the cave. Mattias and Rudolf toss their guitars. The young woman lies on the pod. The pods close on Mattias and Rudolf. Klaus clenches his fist as he stands in his pod. His pod drops and closes.

Rating: 4/5

A riot was going to start. Klaus holds his microphone close to him. Rudolf raises his guitar. They had to be a way out. Klaus walks around the circle, searching for the exit. He glances over at Rudolf and pauses once he sees an opening. They exit as the people rush to the stage.

Mattias searches his pockets for the coordinates. He reads it aloud to Klaus. Klaus repeats it back to himself. The young woman puts her hand on her arm and asks him to take her with them. Francis says he’ll stay behind. The people won’t let them all go. Mattias says no. They have to go together. Francis says he’ll see them soon.

The young woman says she knows the way back to Earth. She can help them. Her people have been studying them for years. Klaus asks them how long they’ve been gone. The young woman says about 700 years. Mattias puts his head into his hands. The young woman says they won’t be alone and says she is their family now. Rudolf says he wants to stay and walks back to the stage. Klaus boards his pod and tells her she can fly them back home. The young woman presses the controls.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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