Video Review: M2M “Mirror Mirror”

Two thirtysomething woman stand together in framed photo taken sometime in the 1940s.

Marit and Marion sit on the couch.

Marion looks into the floor-length mirror.

As it rains, Marion turns her head as she lies in the grass.

Marit touches her shoulder as she looks into the floor-length mirror.

Marion plays the piano while Marit plays the guitar as they sit on the bench.

Marion hugs her boyfriend in the forest. Her boyfriend climbs the tree and gets a bluebird for her.

Marit sits up in the grass as it rains.

Marion pets the bird in his hands. They cuddle in the grass. She helps him take off his t-shirt and rubs his chest. She reaches to touch the bird on her head. The bird flies off her head. Her boyfriend lies shirtless on the grass.

They continue to sit on the couch.

Rating: 4/5

Marit stares at herself in the mirror and criticizes herself. She thinks her body doesn’t have any shape and touches her hair. She decides to grow it out and hopes it’ll help her look older. Her mother compliments on her outfit as she walks into the family room. Marit crosses her arms and slumps on the couch. She tells her mom she wants to go shopping for new clothes.

At the store, she tries on hip-hugger jeans and crop tops. She tugs at the jeans as she asks her mom how she looks. Her mom cringes and suggests a button-up blouse. Marit says she doesn’t want to look like a baby and hands her mom the halter tops.

Marion kisses her boyfriend in the hallway of the school. She says she’ll meet him at his car after last period. He mentions he has practice today. She nods and says “oh.” In class, she talks with Marit about her boyfriend. She tells her he’s going to take her to homecoming. Behind her, she can hear two junior young women giggling.

She walks by the field with Marit and watches him as he talks with a young women from the junior class. Marit says he’s just friends with her. She’s seen him with her in classes. Marion shrugs and says she’s not worried about it. The young woman leans into his chest and laughs. Marion looks down and asks Marit if her mom minds driving them home.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 2000

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