Video Review: En Vogue & Debbie T “Lies”

In black-and-white, the choreographer runs through the routine with Dawn, Cindy, Maxine and Terry.

A young man places an apple on the ground. A snake crawls on a sheet.

The young man talks with his girlfriend. In silhouette, the young woman pushes the young man.

The young woman puts on mascara in front of the mirror. The young man shaves in the bathroom.

Dawn, wearing a hat and an off-the-shoulder blouse, sings by herself. Maxine, wearing a dress, shakes her head.

The young man washes his face. His girlfriend leans against the bathroom wall. Powder is brushed onto a second young man’s face. The young man exhales smoke. Someone sprays perfume on the second young man’s face. The young woman turns to the other side of the bed.

Terry puts her hand underneath her chin. Cindy smiles and puts her hands on her hat.

In silhouette, the young woman and young man dance.

Debbie T sits on the bed, gesturing. The young man kisses a second young woman on the bed. On television, fiftysomething men give speeches.

In silhouette, the young woman falls into the young man’s arms. He bends down to talk to the young woman.

Several needles stick out of the apple.

Rating: 3/5

The young man and his girlfriend laugh with a mutual friend at the party. She excuses herself and says she needs some time for herself. He tells her “OK” and walks over to another friend. The friend asked her about his girlfriend. He explains that she’s not feeling well. In the corner of his eye, he spots his other girlfriend. She knows. He believed she was angry with him over something small. But she had figured it out.

She leans against the bathroom sink and takes a deep breath. His other girlfriend was there. Usually, she could pretend not to care. However, it was difficult with her chatting with their mutual friends. Most of them likely know. Before they left, she crossed her arms as he got ready in the bathroom. She had to make him aware. But she couldn’t say it. Her silence was the only control she had over the situation.

His other girlfriend shouts at him that he has to choose. He tells her he has to think. She says he humiliated her at the party. He was supposed to leave her. He told her he never made any promises to her. It’s a relationship but nothing serious. She threatens to tell his girlfriend. He says she’s already knows and to contact her.

At home, he hangs up his jacket and hears sniffling. In the bedroom, he puts his arms around her and tells her it’s over. He says he won’t cheat on her again as he lies next to her on the bed. She cries in his chest.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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