Video Review: Jonas Blue, Chelcee Grimes, TINI & Jhay Cortez “Wild”

In Bogotá, Colombia, Jonas Blue sits by a home. Chelcee Grimes leans against a building. A young man leans against a mural of a mutated lizard.

TINI leans against hunter green and red painted doors of buildings.

Blue, Grimes, TINI, and Jhay Cortez ride their bicycles in the street. Two people connect two candles. Two female salsa dancers perform a routine. A cable car moves to the top of Cerro de Monserrate.

TINI and several people perform a dance routine at the soccer field.

Cortez leans against a wooden pole.

Grimes kicks the ball into the net at the soccer field. TINI and Grimes pose for a photo with the children.

Rating: 5/5

Chelcee Grimes covers her eyes as the cable car moves up to the top. TINI assures they are almost there. Jhay Cortez tells her to open her eyes. She’s missing a beautiful eyes. Jonas Blue takes pictures with his phone.

Grimes points to their hotel from the railing, TINI says she never tires of the view. Cortez reads about the history of the church. Blue puts his finger over his mouth and gazes at the city. Blue asks if they want to take the elevator down or hike. TINI raises her hands and says she wants to walk. Cortez and Grimes says they want to eat something first.

As they hike down the trail, Grimes says she’s in love with Colombia. Cortez says he wants to take a nap at the hotel. He’s tired from the walking. TINI says there were some murals she wanted to see. Blue says he’ll go with her. Grimes says she read there’s some great bars and wants to go to Armando Records. TINI says wants to go to Baum afterwards. Grimes says she’s going to need her help picking out an outfit for the bar. Nothing she bought is good enough to get in the bar. TINI offers to let her borrow some of her clothes. Cortez says he may have to join them, too. He didn’t bring anything dressy with him. TINI says they’ll go to Armando tonight and then shop for clothes tomorrow. Blue, Cortez and Grimes agree on the plan.

Director: Daniel Carberry Year: 2019

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