Video Review: Prince Royce, Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull “Back It Up”

In Miami, Florida, water flows out of the fountain in a garden. A swan flaps its wings in the lake. Prince Royce texts on his Sprint phone while on the lounge chair. He lifts his head as he watches Jennifer Lopez walk into the backyard, wearing a bikini.

He dances against an orange and hunter green background.

The young women on the lounge chairs move their legs.

Pitbull raps against an cornflower background. Lopez dances with Royce against a violet and aqua background.

Bottles of Beluga Vodka are stacked on the table in the backyard. Royce walks on the steps of the fountain. Lopez stretches out in the gazebo.

Royce and several women dance in a club. Royce gets out of his custom car. Pitbull dances in the club. Lopez walks down the hallway of the club.

Some women kiss Pitbull as they stand against the aqua background.

Rating: 3.5/5

Prince Royce drops his phone on the pavement as Jennifer Lopez walks into the backyard. A young woman picks up his phone and he continues to stare at Lopez. He rushes up to her and asks her if she wants some vodka or champagne. He points to the gazebo and says she is welcome to hang out away from everyone else, if she chooses. Lopez takes off her sunglasses and says she’s going to sit by the pool. She glances around and says she doesn’t see an extra chair. Royce kicks out one of the women and offers her the chair. Lopez thanks him and wants to know if anyone will be coming by with appetizers. Royce says he’ll be right back.

In the kitchen, he asks his cook if she has any appetizers made just in case. The cook hands him a shrimp cocktail. He puts the plate down and texts the owner of a restaurant. He says if he has any servers that could come over and work for him right now. The owner says he’s sending several over.

Royce returns outside and says the appetizers should be out shortly. Pitbull sees him and gives him a hug. He says hello to Lopez and tells him it’s a great party. Pitbull sits next to Lopez and talks with her. Royce hangs his head and sits in his lounge chair. He watches Pitbull laugh as he talks with her.

Royce hangs out by the fountain. Lopez taps on the shoulder and asks him what’s wrong. He shrugs and says he needed be by himself for a while. Lopez gestures to the gazebo and says they haven’t had a chance to talk yet. Royce asks if she needs anything. She tells him to relax and grabs a bottle of Beluga.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2015


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