Video Review: Harry Styles “Lights Up”

While standing on the street at night, Harry Styles rubs his eyes.

Lit in a harsh crimson, he rides on the back of a motorcycle.

He stands in the street and looks up. Young men and women bump into him. He laughs. A second young woman puts her hands on his shoulders.

Smoke from a car blows in his face as he stands in front of it.

A third young woman runs his hands over his chest.

Wearing a glittering suit, he kneels in the water and walks.

Wearing a Gucci outfit, he places his hands on the window of the hotel and looks down.

In a Lazoschmidl outfit, he floats in the rose pink water.

Lit in harsh crimson, he’s suspended over the water and looks at a version of himself, floating.

Back at the hotel, he looks into the mirror.

He sticks out his tongue while people hold onto him.

Rating: 4/5

A young man rubs his head over Harry Styles’ shoulder. Styles tilts his head up and asks for more. A young woman runs his hand down his chest and turns to look at her, holding her gaze. He looks for the young man. However, he seems to be gone. A second young woman whispers to him. He closes his eyes and prefers to think of people rubbing against him without faces.

In his hotel room, he screamed into the mirror, trying to silence the questions about himself. He puts his finger on his nose and leans against the mirror. There was no right answer. It was a secret, nobody would know, the young man had advised him as he gave him a flyer.

Being there had given him answers about himself. It was freeing and once in a lifetime. He was no longer scared of his feelings for anyone. The someone in his life could be a man or woman. The pressure to choose one or the other was dissolved at the party. A young man touched his lips and told him not to hold back. Styles stuck out his tongue and leaned against him.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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