Video Review: Tracie Spencer “Tender Kisses”

As it rains, Tracie Spencer holds a rose in her hands and closes them. She folds her hands in prayer against an Prussian blue background.

She stands by the window.

Lit in gold, silhouettes of a young man and woman swing.

She runs a locket over her lips. Leaves fall as she tilts her head against the Prussian blue background.

A young woman buries her head in her knees as she sits in a chair. While she sits in the chair, she thinks of her ex-boyfriend touching her face.

Wearing a black off-the-shoulder dress, Spencer looks down as she sits in a chair. A second young man puts his hand over his eyes.

Lit in gold, the young woman and man stare at the ground as they swing next to each other.

The second young man puts his arms around the second young woman. The young man kisses his girlfriend. The second young man gulps as his ex-girlfriend cries as she holds flowers. A third young man gazes at a violet scarf.

Spencer puts her hand on the window.

Against the golden sky, she swings.

The second young man rubs his eyes as the candle burns next to him. His ex-girlfriend tosses the flowers at him. He blows out the candle.

Lit in gold, the young woman swings by herself.

The flowers fall by Spencer. The petals of a rose fall off.

The young woman sits against the wall.

The third young woman holds the flowers against her chest and cries. The third young man curls up on the floor in the fetal position.

In the off-the-shoulder black dress, Spencer closes her eyes.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tracie Spencer was single again. She had gone over to his house after school. While they were studying for a test, he put the book down and said he wanted to make out instead. She told him she had to learn the material. She was in danger of failing the class. He accused her of not wanting to be affectionate with him. She closed her textbook and put it in her backpack, telling him she had spending all her time with him lately and wasn’t doing as well in her classes anymore. She walked out of his room. Although she tried to call him, he didn’t answer. In class, he turned away from her. In her bedroom, her mom told her she’ll get through it as she cried. However, she really missed him. She believed he would be her high school sweetheart and they would go on to marry.

The young woman finds a t-shirt of her ex-boyfriend’s in a pile of laundry. She holds onto it and puts in a drawer. It still smelled like him. They had a passionate relationship. It lasted for about three months. She believed they were meant for each other. She would be the one to break his strings of hook-ups. However, he broke up with her, saying he couldn’t be in a committed relationship. It’s been four months and she still wasn’t over it. In the hallway, she saw him with another young woman and ran back to her dorm. She looks forward to the day when she doesn’t care about him.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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