Video Review: RAYE, Mabel & Stefflon Don “Cigarette”

The crowd cheers at the small venue.

RAYE places her fingers on her shoulders as she stands against a lilac background.

With royal blue lightning shining on her, Raye sings on stage. In a split screen, she dances next to Mabel.

In the audience, a young woman sits on her boyfriend’s shoulder and waves her arms.

She puts her fingers on her neck against a tangerine background.

Mabel sings by the Cigarette block on stage. In a split screen, Stefflon Don smiles at her. Stefflon Don dances between them and raps her section.

She licks her lips against the lilac background.

She and Mabel stand against Stefflon Don as they finish the song. She hugs Stefflon Don while the crowd claps.

Rating: 3/5

RAYE lets out a “whoo!” as she walks backstage. She says to Mable and Stefflon Don that she could’ve performed for another two hours. Stefflon Don claps her hands and says they should be proud of themselves. RAYE says she hopes some albums sell online tonight. Mabel says she’s unsure about her album. Stefflon Don puts her arm around her and tells her she’s going to smash the competition once she releases.

Stefflon Don drinks some water and says she’s going to meet with fans. RAYE puts on some lipstick and asks her to wait for her. Mabel grabs her phone and opens her photo sharing apps. They stand by the exit and talk as they wait for people to talk to them. A young woman shouts “I love you” to RAYE. RAYE gives her a hug. RAYE talks to her for about 10 minutes and poses for a picture. Mabel sees the line forming to talk to her and puts her hand on Stefflon Don’s arm. Stefflon Don tells her to calm down. Stefflon Don steps outside of line and holds her phone. She asks everyone to smile and tells them to check for it online.

Mabel says she wasn’t expecting that many people as they walk back into the venue together. RAYE tells her she’s a doing a good job. Stefflon Don says her post is getting good engagement online. RAYE wishes it would go viral. Stefflon Don says she hopes for that with every song. Mabel asks if they want to go out for drinks. Stefflon Don tells her she just needs to get her things. RAYE says she could use a drink.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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