Video Review: Mint Condition “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)”

A crew opens the studio lot while Stokley, Keri, O’Dell, Lawrence, Jeffrey and Ricky wait outside.

A young woman talks with a second young woman. A second crew member moves a rack of clothes as the young woman walks.

Stokley sings in the studio.

The young woman introduces herself to the group. A third young woman sits in a chair, reading an issue of Vogue and rolling her eyes. Stokley and Keri try on jackets. The second young woman tells Keri he’s doing a good job while he plays the keyboards. Next to him, two crew members paint the background. She talks with the band about one of the segments.

They perform against the starry night background. They pose for a group photo for the photographer. The young woman puts her hands on Stokley’s chest and takes off his jacket. Stokley stares at her as she walks away. The young woman talks with the third young woman. The third young woman walks off the set.

The young woman talks with her assistant. She talks to the group and explains her decision. Her assistant walks her to the dressing room. Wearing a black dress, she walks out of the room. The crew claps for her. She dances with Stokley.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman chats with another pop star at a party. Stokley walks up to her and says they haven’t talked all night. She says she’s networking and it’s something he needs to do while he’s here. Stokley says it’s the first evening they’ve had together. She’s been working nonstop. The young woman exclaims that he was aware of her busy schedule when they started dating and tells him that’s the business. She says she got the number of the pop star’s manager to be in the video. He puts his hands up and replies, “fine, fine, fine.”

She wasn’t always obsessed with fame, though. He had met her on one of their videos. She was a producer, trying to pull it together. She had saved several videos from disaster. However, after filling in for an actress in a video, she had changed. During their last shoot, she stayed in the office and told crew members to figure it out whenever they asked her questions. She had cancelled a few jobs to audition for some acting roles.

While reading a magazine, he spots her in a photo holding the pop star’s hand. He folds the magazine and tosses it in the trash. Apparently, she had landed a role in a comedy and considered “one to watch” by the magazine. To her, he was a stepping stone. His manager had warned him not to lash out. They may have to work with her again. Stokley promises not to say a word.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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