Video Review: Tones and I “Dance Monkey”

A nurse hands a sixtysomething man (Tones and I) his pills. Wearing an oxygen mask, he looks out the window while he sits in the chair.

He takes off the mask and dances in his chair. Two sixtysomething men walk into his room. One taps him one his shoulder. They leave the room.

The sixtysomething man listens to the radio as he drives with his friends in a convertible.

He dances on the golf course with his friends. While in the car, he checks out a sixtysomething woman, who tips her glasses to look at him. The well-to-do clientele of the restaurant gasp as he and his friends walk inside.

As he rides in the caddy, he throws a red cup at a thirtysomething man on his phone. He steps in front of the ball as one of his friends hit the ball. Using a leafblower, he blows the ball to the hole. He misses the ball and tries to break it across his knees. Frustrated, he throws it in the air instead as his friends laugh. The thirtysomething man roll their eyes as they wait their turn.

He puts his arms around his friends and watch the sunset on the golf course. The nurse returns with his dinner on and sees that he’s gone. One of his friends chases after the golf cart, calling for him to stop.

Rating: 2/5

At the assisted living center, the sixtysomething man shuffles a deck of card and sticks an ace in his pocket. His neighbor asks when he’ll get his privileges back. The sixtysomething man mutters in two months. He whispers that has plans and that no nurse is going to stop him. One of the women says he’ll have more time with them and winks at her. He shudders and says he has to get out of here.

The nurse helps him in his chair. He reaches for his mask and breathes in the oxygen.The nurse asks him if he’s okay. He shakes his head and says he’s fine. However, he was more out of breath than usual. From his window, he watches the cars pass by and falls asleep.

During his checkup, the doctor tells him he heard he had an adventure. He coughs and says it was a beautiful day. The doctor puts a stethoscope to his chest and says something’s not right. He says he needs to do a breathing test. The doctor reads the results the test and says he’s calling the ambulance. The sixtysomething man says no, he doesn’t want to go. The doctor tells him his lungs are filled with fluid and that he has no other choice. The sixtysomething man looks up at the ceiling of the ambulance, thinking of the ambulance as the emergency medical technicians check his vitals.

Directors: Liam Kelly &  Nick Kozakis Year: 2019

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