Video Review: Fletcher “All Love”

Fletcher leans on the stairs of the club as the rain pours on her back. A silver heart locket spins on the ceiling. A chair burns in a damp parking lot.

She sighs as she leans against the wall and walks down the hallway. Lit in royal blue, she sees her ex-girlfriend brush another woman’s hair back and look into her eyes. She turns to look at Fletcher.

A suitcase and butterflies fly out.

She stands in the middle of the club with aqua glitter tears under her right eye.

Lit in scarlet, she stands against a wall.  The silver heart locket lies broken on the floor.

She rides the elevator to her apartment. In a warehouse, she looks at a rose. The petals spread across her feet. She lies on the floor and her crush stands on all fours, staring into her eyes.

She walks out of the club as it rains. Her ex-girlfriend waits for her. She squeezes a heart in her hand. She kneels on the ground and reaches for her crush’s waist. Her crush walks away.

At the club, she says hello to her ex-girlfriend. She introduces her to her girlfriend. Fletcher shakes her hand.

Rating: 4/5

There wasn’t any reason to believe in love anymore. Fletcher tosses her keys on the table and lies on the couch, tears streaming down her face. Her ex-girlfriend was the person she truly loved. Despite their breakup, they had been talking. On social media, she had been referencing going out on dates. However, they were still talking in direct messages. However, she hadn’t seen posts about anyone for awhile. She figured it was okay to broach the subject of getting back together. Her ex-girlfriend agreed to meet her at the club and she almost dropped her phone when she read the message.

Fletcher had planned her outfit and asked for advice about her friends. Some of her friends were supportive. However, a few friends flat-out told her she may get hurt and to be careful. She told she’d be okay. But after seeing her with a new girlfriend, she isn’t sure. It had been so quick. She had gotten her high hopes and she had herself to blame.

She can’t return to the club again. Her ex-girlfriend had walked away from her as she cried. It was as though her ex-girlfriend wanted to break her. Fletcher dials an ex-boyfriend on her phone and says she wants to hook up. Her ex-boyfriend responds for her come over now. As she lies in his bed, she turns her head as he kisses her body.

Director: Grant Spanier Year: 2019

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