Video Review: The Cardigans “Lovefool (US Version)”

A young woman sits on the pier and reads the newspaper. The headline reads: “Man Lost At Sea: Feared Dead.” She holds the newspaper to her chest.

On an island, a young man writes a letter and puts it in a golden bottle. He places it in the water. It floats along the sea.

Magnus, Peter and Bengt sit in a booth inside the bottle and watch as Lars-Olaf’s steers the it. Nina looks through the periscope. They perform on the ship. Nina looks through the bottleneck at the sea. Reporters repel into the bottle and ask them questions.

The young woman reads the next day’s newspaper, which states in the headline: “What Will Become of Their Love?” She leans her head on the wooden pole of the pier.

A second young woman, with pink hair, lies on a wooden raft and plucks petals from a flower. Two ten-year-old boys swim towards the bottle and reach for it.

Nina sees the young woman on the dock. It floats to her and the young woman picks it up. She reads the letter and beams.

 Rating: 4/5

The pressure was on Nina to get the coordinates right. They have been traveling in the bottle for a couple of years, sending messages. The young man was still alive. His disappearance had shocked the country, devastating his girlfriend. Although she had talked to the press at first, she could no longer sit still at home. At the dock, she set up pictures of them and dangled her feet in the water. Divers had to rescue her a few nights ago. Doctors were on hand, watching her. They blocked the press.

There had been reports of a bottle of the sea. A second young woman let it pass by her. She could care less about the couple. As far as she was concerned, he put himself in the situation and she wasn’t about to feel sorry for his stupidity. Two 10-year-old boys had proclaimed they almost had it. Their parents told the press they were still heroes and assured the young woman, if she was listening, everything was going to be okay.

Nina adjusts the coordinates and continues to look through the periscope. On television, people hold vigils for the young man. Others send the young woman food. Her parents stand by and cry, hoping for the best. Nina sees the young woman and tells the band to prepare to stop. The young woman reads the letter, knowing he’s out there, alive. She gives the letter to the coast guard, who say they will be able to find him in about 2 hours.

Photographers stand by the dock and take pictures of the young man on the ship. The press films their renioun on the dock. The newspaper reads: “Young Man Saved and Engaged.”

Director: Geoff Moore Year: 1996

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