Video Review: Tony Terry “Everlasting Love”

Cars turn onto the road in New York City, New York at night. Tony Terry walks down the stairs and runs across the street.

His girlfriend waits at her apartment.

He leans against the door and watches as she takes a bath. She sits up with her bare back.

She dances in silhouette against the cornflower lit hallway as he continues to stand by the door.

As he walks to the bathtub, she flips the pages of a magazine.

In silhouette, she applies perfume to her wrist.

They lie in bed together. A pair of her shoes sit by the foot of the bed.

In silhouette, he dances by some candles against a ruby red background.

She puts her hand on her chest as they lean against the wall of her apartment building.

Rating: 4/5

Tony Terry unlocks his girlfriend’s apartment and apologizes for being late. He explains there was a lot of traffic but he left on time. She says she’s in the bathroom. He opens the door and talks to her about his day as she washes her arms. She asks him to get in. He takes off his shirt and pants and climbs in with her. He laughs when she puts some bubbles on his head.

As he gets dressed, he says he found a great house close to both of their jobs. He says they can take a look at it sometime tomorrow. She asks where it’s located. He puts her arms around her waist and tells her he wants a start a life with her. He grabs his toothbrush and toothpaste as she towels off.

In bed, they make love and cuddle afterwards. They sleep in until 9 a.m. He asks her what she wants for breakfast. She says she’s not really not hungry now and has some leftovers in the fridge. He gives her a kiss and says he’ll wait. She says she has to get up, though. There’s a ton of laundry to to do. He asks her what she has done so far. She replies two small piles but there’s still a basket of things to sort. He says he’ll finish sorting for her. She smiles and tells him not to go to yet as she pulls her to him.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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