Video Review: Coldplay “Orphans”

Against a black background, some of the lyrics are typed on the screen. Chris listens to one of his children’s suggestions.

Sitting on the steps of Penn Station in New York City, New York, Chris plays the guitar. As he plays, people pass by and taxis wait at the curb.

In black-and-white, Chris, Guy, Jonny, Will and Phil their instruments in the studio. In a split screen, Martin plays the drum. They perform in a backyard. It changes to color. The director’s notes are written as the children dance while the band continues to perform near a mountain.

Chris, Guy, Jonny, Will, and Phil dance on the walls of a narrow bedroom.

In silhouette, they perform while on a screen, a sunflower spins and other flowers move toward the center. Chris pretends to run through a field of sunflowers. Birds fly across the pale blue sky. Flames fill the walls of the bedroom and the screen.

Flowers bloom in color as the band member stand in a black-and-white square. People dance with the band in the corners.

Back on the steps, a young man asks Chris if he sit by him. Chris tells him, “Sure. Do your thing.”

Rating: 4/5

Chris puts his notebook back on his desk in his office. He’ll return to it tomorrow. His son tells him they are almost there. He taps his finger on the desk and says he just thought of something. He plays for it son and asks for his opinion. His son nods and tells it sounds good. He works on it at night, strumming his guitar, reworking the lyrics. After two weeks, he presents it to the band and they schedule studio time.

In the studio, they put the finishing touches on the arrangements. They bring their completed songs to meetings and brainstormed ideas for promotion. They work with the marketing team regarding the aesthetic and propose a scheduled rollout. During appearances, they introduce the new single.

Chris leans over his desk and watches the views online. His manager texts him and says it’s another hit. Chris lets out a sigh of relief and responds that he’s been stressing out for the past week. His manager texts that the record company is going to pleased. Chris responds to fans’ messages online and thanks them for their support.

Director: Mat Whitcross Year: 2019

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