Video Review: Vanessa Williams “Dreamin'”

A young man looks out the window of an apartment at night. Vanessa Williams puts her hands on his arm. He gives the newspaper, with the circled classified ads. She reads the headline and crosses her arms.

She leans against the window as the wind blows into the apartment sometime in the morning. Wearing a nightgown, she holds the curtain and looks out the window during the night.

Shirtless, the young man runs on the beach. Wearing a mustard yellow turtleneck and jeans, she laughs as she watches him.

She sits the bed, wearing her nightgown.

In a white one-pieces swimsuit, she dances on the sand. The young man touches her neck with his finger. He picks up her up and carries her in his arms.

She turns in bed. He picks her up again and kisses her in bed.

They walk together on the sand. He kisses her.

In the evening, she puts her hand on the window.

Rating: 3.5/5

He won’t ever be the tender person Vanessa Williams wishes he’d be. They’ve been dating for almost two years and she’s been waiting for him. However, he made excuses: they couldn’t afford a vacation, he had to find a better job, there was too much to do.

She puts on her lacy nightgown and hopes he comes home. She can’t remember the last time they made love. She could call the bar or drive over there. However, she wants to give him a chance before assuming the worst. She looks out the window and thinks of the beach.  He’d take her in his arms and tell her he loves her.

She lies in bed and opens her eyes as the key turns in the lock. The footsteps open a cabinet and a bottle breaks. She gets out of bed and finds the spare paper towels in the bathroom. Walking into the kitchen, she sees that his hand is bleeding. He shoves his hand away and says she’s okay. She tells him to put some paper towels over it. Turning her back, she puts her hand on her forehead and gets a glass. She wasn’t expecting her life to be cleanup after drunken nights.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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