Video Review: Marshmello & CHVRCHES “Here With Me”

Against a black background, Marshemello, outlined in teal, walks with his guitar. He returns to himself and fades into the black. Lauren walks, becomes outlined in teal and dissipates.

She stands and her face becomes outlined in teal. Marshmello plays guitar, as teal light sparkles on him and outlines his body again.

Lauren slides from the left side, the top of face, twinkling with teal as Iain plays guitar above her. The teal burns on his body and outlines his body. Martin slides by on the bottom as Lauren and Marshmello crisscross one another.

Marshmello and Lauren rotate as they walk across the screen. They stand back-to-back. She multiplies into three. Marshmello multiplies about a dozen times. In the center, Marshmello and Lauren rotate as they clap their hands over their heads.

Lauren dances, covered in teal.

Lauren, Iain, Martin and Marshmello walk together, the teal fading from their bodies.

Rating: 1/5

Lauren asks her friends which hair dye she should choose. A friend says she should go blonde. Another friend says she should only do highlights. Lauren flips her hair and says her boyfriend says he likes the blonde, too. Her first friend says he has good taste. She nods and stares at the tile of the salon. Although her boyfriend was nice, she wasn’t in love with him. She thought of Marshmello and while she gazes out the window, she hopes to run into him across the street after she’s done.

Marshmello talks with a young woman. Although he likes Lauren, he isn’t sure how she feels. The young woman says she has two tickets to an indie rock band concert and asks if he wants to come along. He says okay. While at the concert, she sings to the music while he sways, trying to muster some excitement. He was thinking of Lauren, who would be mocking the band for the pretentious lyrics. Like him, her home was the club. They loved the beat drops and danced until they were out of breath. But none of their friends knew.

As Lauren shops with her friends, she looks at a pair of studded pair of high heels. Her second friend exclaims “ew!” and takes her by the arm. Lauren picks out a pair of neutral colored booties. Her second friend claps and says that it’s so much better than the demented look she was going for with the heels.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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