Video Review: Mis-Teeq “Style”

Against a candy apple background, Su-Elise, Alesha and Sabrina dance in silhouette.

A young woman, wearing headphones, spins a record in the booth. Two young men sit on the glass dancefloor and get up once they see Su-Elise, Sabrina, and Alesha. The men watch as they walk down the center of the dancefloor.

They each dance by themselves against the candy apple background.

Alesha touches her chest as she sits in the limousine. The men push each other to look at her. Su-Elise rests her foot on the other side and tapping the headboard as she smiles at the men. Sabrina crawls on the seat.

One young man performs a trick while he rides his bicycle. A second young man does a headstand.

They sit with the group of men in the warehouse.

Some of the men dance on the dancefloor. Alesha talks into the microphones.

They continue to walk together.

Rating: 4/5

Su-Elise buys a bottle of champagne for Alesha, Sabrina and herself. They drink and toast to be able taking care of themselves. Alesha says they can crash at her new house. She says it’s three floors and has about five bedrooms. She has a few extra rooms but isn’t sure what she’s going do with them. Sabrina says she can build a library. The server taps Su-Elise on the shoulder and points to the young man. He says he has a drink for her. Su-Elise accepts it and raises it for the man to see. She drinks it and then tells the server to not to allow any other people buy drinks for them. Alesha crosses her legs and says they can get their own drinks now.

Sabrina says she’s going to dance. As she dances, one young man touches her waist. She side-eyes him and moves towards to another section of the floor. Alesha notices the young man follow Sabrina. She tells Su-Elise they have to help Sabrina. Alesha approaches the man and tells him to leave Sabrina alone.

Back at the table, Alesha turns off her phone. She says that her boyfriend won’t stop calling her. She says it’s always asking about the washer or how to cook something. Su-Elise shakes her head and says her boyfriend has been looking for another job, or so he says. Sabrina says he’s probably waiting until her bank account runs out. Su-Elise says she should cut him loose. Sabrina says her current boyfriend gets it. He understands her schedule and realizes she can’t be there all the time. He had pushed for an exclusive relationship. However, she shut it down, saying it wouldn’t be fair to either of them. The server returns and asks them if they want anything. Alesha asks for some barbecue wings. Su-Elise says she’s good for now. Sabrina says she wants a hamburger. As the server walks away, Sabrina comments that the men are on making fools of themselves to get their attention. Su-Elise puts her glass down on the table and says it’s not going to work.

Director: N/A Year: 2003

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