Video Review: Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam “Someone To Love Me For Me”

In black-and-white, Lisa, Alex and Max walk downstairs. Lisa smiles as paparazzi snap their photos as they walk down the hallway.

Lisa fluffs her hair and sighs as she looks into the mirror in the dressing room. Max and Alex pack up their suitcases in the hotel room.

They perform inside a building.

Lisa passed the graffitied walls of buildings as she walks in the city.

She sings by herself in the building.

As she walks, a young man follows behind her. He snaps of her photo of Lisa as she turns around to see who it is. She continues to walk.

Rating: 3/5

Lisa stares at the walls of the hotel room. She turns on the television. On the entertainment news show, her ex-boyfriend holds his new girlfriend’s hand as he gets interviewed at an event. She shuts it off and lies on the bed. He was doing well. His new girlfriend was a rising movie star. He’ll be featured in the magazines and shows during the promotional cycle. He was already hinting at one of his projects. Visibility was what he wanted. It was something Lisa couldn’t give him.

She couldn’t bring herself to flirt with anybody. At an industry party, she sips her drink and talks with some DJ’s. A pop star talks with her at the bar and says he’s always liked her. She tells him she isn’t interested in a relationship at the moment. He looks down and says to contact his agent whenever she’d like to go out. Although he seemed to have it together, he’d forget about her within a few months. He had women after him. She’d only get hurt by getting involved with him. A second young man buys her a drink and talks to her about the album. He asks her out. She tells him she doesn’t have time right now. He was an executive. She had to be careful.

The men in her circles usually wanted something from her. Either it was some of her fame or to say they were with a star. None of the guys seemed to care about her feelings or living with her day-to-day. Sometimes, she wanted to go back home and start over. She’d be ordinary again and be able to live her life without questioning every person’s motives.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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