Video Review: Mark Ronson & King Princess “Pieces of Us”

In her bedroom, King Princess dials a number on her phone. She lies on bed, using a filter to create a heart halo around her head. She bites on her nails as she talks on the phone. On the floor, she rests her arm by a plate of cake.

Downstairs, her father (Mark Ronson) talks with his girlfriend. Both have the heart halo from the filter. His girlfriend smiles as her father opens the door. He calls King Princess to come downstairs.

At the dinner table, she crosses her arms as her father and his girlfriend talk. She eats her breaded chicken.

Back in her room, she plays guitar on her bed.

His girlfriend winces at the chicken. King Princess makes a cut gesture by her throat. His girlfriend flips her hair as King Princess argues with her and throws a piece chicken at her. Ronson tells her to stop it. His girlfriend pulls on his arm but he leaves.

She rides her bicycle in the street. Ronson follows her in his car.

In the evening, she walks with her bicycle and peeks into the window of a club. Using a filter, she dances while streaks of lightning cover her face. Ronson puts on his glasses and spots her dancing on the second floor of the club. She sees him and scoffs.

She continues to ride her bicycle and falls. Her father gets out of the car and checks on her. She and her dad walk on the clouds.

Rating: 5/5

Mark Ronson carries his towel as he walks to the bathroom and glances at his daughter’s bedroom. It was how she left it. She’d be graduating from college now. He should’ve left her alone. She needed time to cool off and he wasn’t listening to her. He had been wrapped up with his then-girlfriend and had been pushing them to like one another. However, they didn’t get along. His daughter thought his then-girlfriend was selfish and his then-girlfriend thought his daughter was a brat.

His daughter had been right. His then-girlfriend moved herself in after his daughter’s death and put him in debt. He had made excuses for his then-girlfriend. His mom took him aside and told him to get that woman out of his house. He had told his mom that his then-girlfriend was all he had. His mother told him they all miss his daughter. However, his then-girlfriend was taking advantage of his grief. He didn’t see his parents for almost two years.

He had looked over his finances on the weekend and realized there was nothing left. His retirement was gone. He called up the company and they said his wife had withdrew the money. He asked them how and they explained the notes in their system. After confronting her, he kicked her out and talked with his lawyer.

During the holidays, his parents hugged him and said they were happy he was back. He had cried, saying he missed his daughter. They told they are to and say he stay over tonight, if he wants.

Director: Claire Gillen Year: 2019

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