Video Review: blackbear “Hot Girl Bummer”

Lit in neon pink, blackbear covers his face as he walks around in the family room at his party. In royal blue, cameramen stand by the wall, their hands on their chins. He sits on the couch as people hug. A few young women jump up and down on the couch.

During the day, he continues to sit on the couch.

He sits on the couch, strings on his hands. A young man sits on a ladder, moving his arms.

Lit in teal, he stands by wall with a projection playing on it. He gives the middle to the wall.

Back at the party, he slaps his face. He removes the strings from his wrists and walks out of his home.

Rating: 1/5

A young woman drinks her beer and tells blackbear he has a great home and asks for directions to the bathroom. He points her to the stairs and tells her which room. Who was she again? He searches his followers on his social media and thinks he found her. However, she didn’t have her real name. Perhaps she was an influencer.

On his phone, he checks his notifications. He’s been tagged in about 50 people’s posts. In each photo, he’s smiling and giving the middle finger. Some people wrote that they were jealous and wished they could attend. They tell him he has a great life. However, he wants to turns off the music and tell everyone to go home.

He’s okay by himself. In the afternoon, after cleaning up, he sits on the couch and relaxes. Looking at his phone, he grins as he reads the hundreds of comments and thousands of likes. It was worth the strained conversations and boredom. People believed he was popular and someone to imitate. He tucks in his phone in his pocket and watches an animated movie.

Director: Gilbert Trejo Year: 2019

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